Blown Glass Chandelier Of Murano Model


Blown glass chandelier – The luxurious house cannot lack high-end decorative lights. So beautiful chandeliers are made of Murano blown glass with beautiful curves, will certainly bring luxury beauty, a luxury for home space friend. The glass chandelier is made with an electrostatic powder-coated steel frame that combines violet glass by hand. This Murano chandelier is designed in a modern and neo-classical style. rug, luxury. The impressive shape of the lilies symbolizes the proud, proud but soft, solemn light lanterns.

Bring the breath of nature into the middle of the living space, shaping these soft flowers will make your home exquisite, unique and beautiful. This blown glass chandelier is just the right size and the number of 14 balls, Murano chandelier model is really perfect for the living room to the dining room. LED bulb E14 is chosen as a decorative light bulb power instead of incandescent bulbs.

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The characteristics of the E14 led bulb for high-efficiency homeowners used to decorative blown glass chandelier to create a romantic space, warm high-energy green light. The technique and colouring materials for glass are varied, depending on the purpose of the craftsman. The curves on the Murano are hand-made, bring beauty not only show, but also create splendour for apartments, buildings, especially villas.

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