Guidelines for Mounting a TV over A Fireplace


The temperature of the fireplace, the main concern for rising LCD TV over the fireplace is the temperature that can rise significantly due to the fireplace. Almost all types of flat-screen TVs can handle up to 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. To control the temperature that develops due to the fireplace, light the fire. Wait for a while, take a thermometer and tape it to the area where you plan to place or mounting a tv over a fireplace.

Refer to the TV’s instruction manual to determine the maximum level of temperature that it can operate in. Check the temperature thermometer temperature and compare it with the instructions given in the instruction manual. The recorded temperature is above that listed in the product guide? So, you will probably need to make a decision about mounting a tv over a fireplace with a little higher.

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If the mounting a tv over a fireplace and the temperature rises above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it can cause damage to the TV screen. And even the internal electronic components. Along with heat, smoking can also be a cause of damage to the TV. It’s all the better if you keep the TV on the mantle using a special scheme made for this purpose. But first, check that the stove can hold such a table stand.

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