Repairing Legs Swivel Accent Chair


Swivel Accent Chair – Over time, wooden legs of the swivel chair can wear out or break, making the furniture unstable and unsafe. A broken part must be reinforced to ensure the strength and durability of this type of chair. Swivel chairs are made to hold and maintain the weight. The seat of the chair moves, so the legs of the chair must be strong. If parts of furniture in a swivel chair are not stable, dangerous accidents can occur.

Fix legs of the wooden swivel accent chair by using a 1/8-inch to 3/8 inch new spike. The pin is going to stick the pieces of wood together. Drill holes from the dowels in the center of the broken furniture leg. Separate the broken ends of the wood first, and drill halfway down, so that part of the spike sticks out when inserted. Drill the hole in the right angle of the break. Cut the head of an oval wire nail from 3 to 4 inches with a handsaw.

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Insert the nail into the hole, with the tip pointing upwards. The point of the nail should protrude slightly above the broken surface at the bottom of the broken furniture. Press the top of the swivel accent chair leg firmly broken on the nail, and to the bottom that holds the nail. Pull the two pieces apart from the leg, and drill directly into the wood about 1 inch deep, where the nail tip entered the wood.

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