Stylish Under Cabinet Microwave


Under cabinet microwave save space and give the room a neat and polished looks. When installing a base cabinet for a microwave in your kitchen, ensure that the material, finish and coordinate style with the existing furniture and the decoration of the room. Installing the microwave oven in a lower cabinet also provides greater access for older children who cannot reach a microwave oven installed above the stove or under the upper cabinets.

Choose a cabinet design style that complements the design of your existing cabinets. A low under cabinet microwave is a specialty cabinet that must be constructed to accommodate the appliance. For example, if you have a traditional kitchen decoration, build low furniture with the same design. Have a drawer for additional storage in the base cabinet. You can store a supply of utensils and microwave dishes for easy access when preparing food.

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The drawer can be installed on the top or bottom of the microwave oven. Store your microwave snacks, such as popcorn or tea bags, in the cabinet drawer. Reserve space on the counter near the under cabinet microwave to set hot foods after cooking. Install the base cabinet under a counter space or under a kitchen island to provide a work area in preparing food for microwave cooking.


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