Unique Glass Curio Cabinet


If the glass curio cabinet in your kitchen is taking up a lot of space and after measuring its length and width you find an appropriate place for it to free up space. Usually, the refrigerator is pushed to a blind corner of the kitchen with the consequent waste of space around and above it as no shelves or cupboards can be placed at that uncomfortable angle. As the refrigerator is an essential part of the kitchen triangle, it should be in the vicinity of the cooking and sink area.

Worried about the limited glass curio cabinet space in your kitchen that can not be expanded by making shelves or making adjustments to the existing design? Then, add a table with wheels! This can be moved around any part of the kitchen, where additional storage space is required. It can also be used during your meetings to move the dishes and cutlery around the room or garden where the party is celebrated.

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Make the drawers wide or deep according to the storage requirements and give it a coat of paint that is similar to other kitchen cupboards, so it does not look out of place. In the kitchen, a spike can be used to increase the storage space inside a depth glass curio cabinet by adjusting a rod inside and gluing both ends. This rod can be used to hang paper towels or kitchen towels instead of letting them hang on the countertop.


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