Wall Mounted TV Cabinet Design


Wall mounted TV cabinet – If you have a new LCD or plasma TV, mount it on the wall and design it around to create an appearance that suits your space and taste. Depending on the size of the area, a wall-mounted TV presents a difficult design around challenge, but with some advancement, you can do it.

Build It I

Sketch on the design, leaving a space in the center or side of the TV. The location of your wall mounted TV cabinet in the design depends on the overall design of the space. Add shelves to store DVD players, cable boxes and other electronics, and construct cubbyholes for DVDs, CDs and other entertainment. When designing, remember to leave space to store some special factors, such as an old game console or photos on your last trip with the family.

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Shelve it

If a built-in device is not for you, you can still create a shelf around wall mounted TV cabinet. Buy a simple shelf, such as closet sliding shelves, from an organizational or home improvement store. Install the slots on the walls, and place the shelves as needed. Depending on the type of shelves you get, you can also buy metal baskets and other items to help with DVDs or other entertainment storage.

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